How does RapidStack keep the right data in the right hands?

Security for RapidStack is built around the data access and consumption requirements of your faculty and staff.   Here at LaunchWorks, we understand that data security is an issue of utmost importance at any institution.  We provide your institution with the ability to limit access to data based on FERPA requirements and internal policy that govern your data access.  

RapidStack for Higher Ed lets you determine data security while allowing ease of access through Role Based Security.  Security Roles can be customized to align with your existing Student Information security policy and process for detailed reports while allowing access to snapshot reports with aggregated data to a wider audience.  

Let RapidStack help you custom tailor data access to get secure and actionable data in the hands of all your end users, allowing them to analyze, report, and make campus-critical decisions using the best data available.


Data Hub Graphic

How can you answer the questions that drive your institution?

Given the need to connect disparate data sources, RapidStack has designed our Data Hub using building blocks to present data consistently and accurately whether the data is being aggregated for analysis and modeling or presenting detailed lists for processing and quality assurance testing.

RapidStack for Higher Ed reaches out to all the systems that drive your campus by leveraging API technology to bring these data sources in one Data Hub.  By building these data relationships for you, it allows your report writers and power users to quickly and easily gather the data that you need to make informed decisions.

During implementation, we work with your technical and data team members to ensure accuracy and meaningful use of elements in the Data Hub.  Once approved, your entire institution will have access to the Data Hub and resulting Data Dictionary so that they may find answers to the questions that they never knew to ask.


Do your users want transparent access to their data?

For those members of your team that like to get their hands in the data, RapidStack for Higher Ed offers Exploration Views with them in mind. Exploration Views present our Data Hub building blocks in a spreadsheet-like interface that allows your data enthusiasts to slice and dice in real time. Exploration Views eliminate the expiration of data that comes with spreadsheet exports and the complicated scripts needed to build them.

Exploration Views give the users the freedom to explore the data without needing special programming skills.  The Data Hub building blocks can be added and removed from the output interactively.  Because RapidStack for Higher Ed uses data federation to connect sources, your users will be viewing the most up to date data.


Does your data seem a little flat?

RapidStack for Higher Ed BI Dashboards bring your data to life. Putting your integrated data onto easily interpreted dashboards can help your institution make better data driven decisions. RapidStack for Higher Ed allows you to use the same building blocks from our Data Hub to create dashboards giving your users visual interpretations and ensure consistency that keeps everyone on the same page.

The dashboards delivered with RapidStack for Higher Ed give you a great start in helping your users visualize your integrated data. LauchWorks can help you create customized dashboards and give you the building blocks to develop your own.  

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