RapidStack for Higher Education is a middleware reporting tool that
utilizes advanced API technology to connect information systems across
your campus. The data from these systems is what forms your Student
Data Hub. From your Student Data Hub we provide the ability to
confidently report on your schools performance based off the specific
KPI’s your institution employs. RapidStack provides a platform for your
executives and analysts alike, to answer real-world questions in a much
more efficient and confident manner.

RapidStack Flower



Serve reports to any device for any customer on any network with no application coding and enable scheduled bursting and delivery of reports to your applications.


RapidStack for Higher Ed lets you determine data security while allowing ease of access through Role Based Security.


Securely share reports and dashboards while adhering to your institution’s existing data security policies. RapidStack for Higher Ed contains a brandable web portal for instant standalone report sharing. Our solution allows you to expose a secure HTTP based API for easy application integration.

White Label

RapidStack for Higher Ed allows  you to include the branding for your institution. The interface can be customized to include school colors and logos.


SAP Integration
Cognos Integration
Tableau Integration
SalesForce Integration

RapidStack for Higher Ed leverages API integration with our strategic partners to give you the flexibility to connect quickly and easily to the systems that run your institution.


RapidStack for Higher Ed APIs provide easy access while ensuring data security. The flexibility in our API development is the key to our success. While we have developed APIs with our existing partners, RapidStack for Higher Ed’s flexibility allows you to connect to all of the data sources that run your institution.

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